Heather Hunter

I have been a patron of the Wooden Penny since its inception. I have purchased many interesting and unique items from furniture to candles and giftware in this wonderful store for a number of reasons. Firstly, everything is top quality and well set up in the store. They have a fabulous range of products suitable for every taste and wallet. Secondly, the people who own and those who work in the store are helpful, not pushy and have a flexible laid back style which I have found comfortable. I have ordered several custom products and have been thrilled with them. I must add that they are true to their target dates for delivery! I shall continue to visit Wooden Penny to find gifts and additional fun things for my home. Finally, I am impressed with the capacity of this small but classy little store to give back to our community by way of corporate sponsorship’s to fundraisers and product donations. (This counts for me!) In my view this is one of the very best stores in Huntsville so folks should make a point of dropping by!